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3 Tips for Buying Mini Performance Parts – UroTuning


Did you know that Minis used to be rally cars back in the 60s?

As the perfect combination of heritage and style, the Mini Cooper has a long history rooted in performance and racing. Designed as a racing car back in the 60s, the British hatchback was a 2-door hatchback that went on to inspire the VW Beetle, Citroën DS, and the Ford Model T.

While Mini Coopers are built to last, they also make for great project cars. Mini performance parts can be installed to upgrade the style and performance of the hatchback. From aggressive body kits to modified powertrains, Minis are some of the most versatile project cars out there.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to find the right aftermarket performance parts for your Mini, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out.

1. Do Research to Replace Aging Parts

Minis are designed to be reliable pocket rockets that you can easily use as your daily driver. Despite this, there are a few parts that will eventually break down over time. This is why you should do some research on your specific model to see which parts to replace or upgrade.

When it comes to Mini Coopers, the transmission often breaks down after 150,000 miles while the clutch may start to wear after around 20,000 miles. Replacing these parts can help extend the lifespan of your Mini.

2. Add Performance to the Engine

With a long and rich history in motorsport, the British hatchback has all the foundations needed to be a serious performance hatchback. You can also install a number of Mini upgrades and performance parts to the car to increase both the power output and torque of the engine.

Although many Minis are conservatively powered, there are a number of OEM products available to take the hot hatch to another level.

3. Upgrade and Customize the Body

One of the most iconic aspects of the Mini is its design. The British pocket rocket has an incredibly recognizable front end with circular headlights and racing stripes across the hood. To make your Mini your own, you can look through a wide range of Mini Cooper accessories and modifications.

These can include decals, body kits, and even replacement headlights. If you have an older Mini, replacing the old halogen bulbs with modern LEDs can be a subtle yet modern upgrade.

Turn Your Mini Into a Pocket Rocket With New Mini Performance Parts

Aftermarket performance parts can be used to customize your Mini while also ensuring it runs perfectly for the foreseeable future. Whether you have a Hatchback, Coupe, or Roadster, aftermarket Mini performance parts can help turn it into a serious pocket rocket.

If you’re looking to replace a few aging parts or completely redo the engine, UroTuning has everything you need. Feel free to visit our website to view our wide range of products today.


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