Buhari seeks PDP lawmakers’ support to tackle insecurity


President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday pleaded with the lawmakers on the platform of the People Democratic Party, (PDP) to support his efforts to end insecurity.

The president, in a statement by his spokesman, Garba Shehu, while reacting to moves by the opposition lawmakers’ plan to impeach him on Wednesday, described the actions of the lawmakers as “performative and babyish antics”.

He however, commended the Senate President Ahmad Lawan, for refusing to entertain the ‘ridiculous motion to impeach the President’, saying it was quite appropriate and correct.

“Rather than making a mockery out of voters by trying to imitate what they see in America, the opposition would be well advised that their time would be better spent tackling the pressing issues Nigerians face, such as the current global cost of living crisis,” Shehu said.

‘Their continued failure to do so goes some way to explaining why they remain in opposition.”

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Shehu stated that President Muhammadu Buhari administration is committed to finding lasting solutions to the emerging security threats, including those left behind by the PDP in the South-South, the Northeast and throughout the federation. In the last 24 hours, two more Chibok girls were freed, in addition to the three brought home last week.

“These kinds of headline grabbing stunts for which the opposition is now well known serve no one, least of all their constituents. We would respectfully remind them that it is those same constituents that they were elected to serve, and are paid to do so with public money,” he said.

“We would welcome their collaboration in our efforts to solve the problems Nigerians face on a daily basis. No one is asking them to waste their time attempting to impeach a democratically elected President at the end of his second term – certainly not their constituents.

“They should ask themselves: do they want to be in government or do they want to be in the headlines? If they want to be in government they should start acting like it and stop undermining Nigerian voters.”


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