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CBD Oil For Stress: Does It Work?


Stress is one of the most all-encompassing labels we can place on a human condition. We experience stress at work, stress in relationships, hormonal stress, stress from illnesses and diseases, financial stress, and (fill-in-the-blank) stress! It’s a natural emotion that needs a natural solution, but can CBD oil for stress be that solution?

If stress affects your daily life, you’re probably looking for a way to relieve it. When stressed, many people feel mental unrest, agitation, exhaustion, tension, and a knotted stomach, maybe even nausea. Sleep may be difficult, and eating a regular and healthy diet might feel impossible. These symptoms exist across the “stress spectrum,” meaning they may be present no matter the cause of your stress. Maybe you’ve even tried “holistic” methods of stress relief, but CBD for stress is an alternative medicine like no other.

Methods like talk therapy, exercise, mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises are all excellent strategies for combating stress, but if you’ve tried all of these and are looking for something more, using CBD oil for stress may be a life-changing addition. There are many prescription drugs that claim to help treat stress; however, most people report feeling dissociated and subdued when taking them. Those seeking a non-synthetic, holistic, and effective stress relief method will be pleased to hear that what is CBD is 100% natural (as long as you buy it from a company selling GMO-free, additive-free, pure CBD).

CBD for stress also boosts your immune system while working with existing receptors (called CB1 receptors) in your brain to help defeat symptoms of stress. So, how do we use CBD for stress? And what is the best CBD oil for stress? Let’s find out!

CBD Oil For Stress

The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) is present in every human’s (and animal) internal make-up. The endocannabinoid receptors in your brain are stimulated after CBD consumption and dose out a number of benefits to your mood, energy levels, sleep/wake cycle, and immune system. What is the endocannabinoid system?

Cellular receptors are small proteins attached to cells, which are essential for life. They give off signals, or chemical reactions, that allow your cells to react to stimuli. CBD harnesses this natural power to create an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect, helping you to manage discomfort. People dealing with stress will benefit from the use of CBD oil for stress in addition to anti-inflammatory pain relief and deep relaxation.

How To Use CBD Oil For Stress

When interacting with your cellular receptors, one of the tasks accomplished by CBD is the adjustment of serotonin signals. Serotonin is sometimes called the “happy hormone” because it acts as a mood stabilizer and increases a feeling of well-being. The exact process of the communication between CBD and serotonin has yet to be fully elucidated, but it is clear that there is a connection.

Prescription anti-depressants, also known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), are often used to manage mental health, but CBD is coming into its own as a natural alternative. Some of the associated symptoms of stress are irritability, restlessness, and rapid heartbeat. More extreme stress disorders, including PTSD, might cause nightmares, seemingly inescapable repetition of painful memories, and emotional outbursts. Various studies have researched CBD as a single treatment for PTSD, as well as a treatment in conjunction with established PTSD treatments such as standard medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Using CBD oil for stress is simple! Decide what dosage of CBD you need by using a CBD oil dosage calculator, take your dose of CBD for stress, then sit back, relax, and let the CBD do its job!

Medical Research: How CBD Relieves Stress

In 2010, Neuropsychopharmacology, the official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, investigated CBD’s effects on generalized social stress disorders using a double-blind study with 24 participants. Patients were asked to perform a public speaking test, a common cause of social stress, and the 300MG dose of CBD had a very positive impact.

In 2011, the National Library of Medicine published research on that Neuropsychopharmacology study titled, “Cannabidiol Reduces the Anxiety Induced by Simulated Public Speaking in Treatment-Naïve Social Phobia Patients” and explored how CBD reduced stress and anxiety in those individuals. How to take CBD properly

In 2016, researchers examined a number of preclinical, human experimental, and clinical studies to learn more about CBD’s potential use as a stress-relief treatment. CBD showed overwhelmingly promising preclinical evidence and was determined to be helpful as a medicinal supplement for a variety of stress-related disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized stress disorder, and panic disorder.

In a 2019 article from The Permanente Journal, a case study explored CBD as a potential treatment for sleep disorders and stress. An analysis of 47 people with confirmed stress disorders and active symptoms was conducted when capsules of CBD oil were given to subjects. Again, the outcomes were very good, showing that CBD for stress can be extremely effective.

Scientists are continuing to study CBD oil to discover its stress-relieving and neuroprotective properties – the studies mentioned here are just the beginning! They, plus hundreds of others, are laying the groundwork for CBD oil’s future use as a treatment for stress.

Determining Your Best CBD For Stress Dosage

The FDA does not regulate CBD, meaning dosages are generally open to individual interpretation. Anyone who wishes to add CBD oil or hemp extract oil into their daily routine should first research the different types of CBD dosages and what to expect from the effects of the CBD. The amount of CBD oil you consume depends on your age, metabolism, tolerance, and the type of oil you’ve decided to use.

Most CBD oil is sold in bottles with 1 mL droppers that are used for dosage. After measuring out the correct dosage, you can place the oil under your tongue and hold it for about 60-120 seconds before swallowing. This method, called sublingual consumption, is generally regarded as the most effective way to take CBD oil under the tongue. CBD oil usually gets to work within 20 minutes, with effects lasting for four to six hours, depending on how high your dosage is and the rate of your metabolism. Recommended CBD Dosages – CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

The Best CBD For Stress

Studies suggest that CBD may help treat stress, but more research is needed to determine CBD’s full potential. According to current research, the best CBD for stress will depend on your unique symptoms. Generally, CBD oil comes in three varieties:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains THC
    • CAUTION: Full-spectrum CBD is federally illegal and will cause a failed THC drug test
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil, which does not contain any THC
    • Federally legal, legal in every state, will NOT show up on a drug test
  • CBD Isolate oil, considered to be one of the least effective methods for CBD absorption
    • Only CBD, not a “broad-spectrum” of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, sterols, and flavonoids that promote balance and relaxation

Final Words:

Without treatment, stress symptoms can manifest into more serious physical symptoms like digestive problems, vasovagal syncope, and extreme fatigue. On an emotional level, stress can interfere with your work, relationships, and daily routines. Using CBD for stress, and finding the best CBD for stress, can be life-changing! Other supplements may be beneficial to combat symptoms of stress, like Blood Sugar Ultra vitamins and ashwagandha! CBD oil for back pain

Remember, CBD supplements should not replace any plans with your medical provider. Do your research when seeking CBD oil for sale, and make sure your products come from a reliable source with publically available CBD lab test results. If you want to buy CBD capsules online, check out the links in this article to find holistically grown and harvested options.

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