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It has been proven that a well-organised space improves people’s state of mind and well-being. Cleaning and organizing are strongly associated with decreasing stress and anxiety.

Studies have proven that clutter can make it difficult to focus on a task, especially if it overwhelms the visual field. Decluttering and organizing can directly lead to improving your attention span and focus.

Bunmi Sadare has always had a flair for organising which she did freely for family and friends until 2020 during the pandemic when she had her first opportunity to build a pantry for a client from scratch which birthed her professional organising company – SpacesbyBeme.

SpacesbyBeMe specializes in helping people transform their spaces by getting rid of clutter and adding structure, beauty, luxury and a good system.

Sadare and her team have successfully organized close to 50 spaces since inception ranging from pantries, closets, playrooms, move-ins, merchandise, kitchens amongst other spaces. SpacesbyBeme also retails storage and organizing items and also consult and train staff in different sectors on organizing.

Having operated for two years, Sadare says she and her team will keep showing people how to declutter and keep an organized space.

“Space management is actually a lifestyle and it keeps evolving, SpacesbyBeMe will continue to show how to have a beautiful system in place, that way we build sustainability,” she says.

“I have over 10 years work experience in Supply Chain and Customer Service in one of the biggest multinational packaging solution companies (Tetra Pak West Africa) where I resigned from in 2018 and pursued my passion in the beauty industry. I launched a beauty studio in the heart of Lekki @bemebeautystudio. I also started producing my own brand of lip balm @bemelipbalm),” she reveals.

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Sadare explains that during her 12 years work experience in the supply chain and customer management industry, she found her job to be quite monotonous.

“I found myself always volunteering for a creative activity within and outside of the office space. I was also informed that I had an eye for aesthetically pleasing views, which led me to the beauty industry but I didn’t get the satisfaction I wanted till I started space management.”

She reveals that the biggest challenge she faces is space; hinting that a lot of Nigerian homes are built without putting so much consideration to space optimization and these are navigated by using secondary storage products like, drawer dividers and cabinets organizers, amongst others.

She says that her digital creativity has helped set her business apart in the industry.

“I believe this is just the beginning of my great passion conceived in the middle of a tough time and I am to help people bring an organised system that will transform every part of their lives giving them a productive and efficient lifestyle,” Sadare explains.

The entrepreneur says since she started the business, patronage has been great as people are becoming open to the idea of someone helping them achieve a beautiful, functional and organised space. “The feeling after is exhilarating to say the least,” she adds.

For Sadare, everyone and anyone that has a space is her target market; be it a kitchen, bedroom, pantry, office, playroom, bathroom and retail store.

“I have great people skills after working in customer management and supply chain for 12 years. It’s more than just making a space look nice for me. It is the full customer experience and satisfaction from my first meeting with the client to the end of the project.

“It is definitely not a one size fits all activity for me. I take time to study the client to understand their personalities and likes and just focus on that,” she explains.

Her advice for young people seeking to pitch tents in a similar business is that “Nothing is impossible. Believe in yourself!”

In the next five year, Sadare says SpacesbyBeMe will be a leading organisation within Africa and globally when it comes to spaces regardless of dimensions and or location.

“We will also expand our scope of work and product offerings,” she adds.

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