Ethiopian Airlines pilots reportedly sleeps off, miss landing


An Ethiopian Airlines flight from Khartoum to Addis Ababa approached the city and overflew the airport at 37,000 feet earlier this week because both pilots were asleep on the flight deck, reports said.

Media reports indicated that the pilots were awoken when the autopilot disconnected after the aircraft passed the airport.

Early morning from Khartoum
Flight ET343 departed Khartoum at 01:26 UTC (03:26 local time) for Addis Ababa. The Boeing 737-800 registered ET-AOB neared Addis Ababa at 37,000 feet (FL370) passing over the airport at 02:51 UTC (05:51 local time).
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According to media reports, the pilots were asleep on the flight deck at the time and were awoken by the aural warning associated with the autopilot disconnecting after overflying the airport.

The flight subsequently made a left turn and began descending back toward Addis Ababa, landing at 03:16 UTC, 25 minutes after first overflying the airport.

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