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Factors That Affect Your Decking Costs

A deck is a valuable addition to your home as it provides you with a comfortable outdoor living space all year round. When planning for your deck construction project, you must budget properly and consider factors, such as deck size, materials and design.

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Continue reading as we discuss the variables that can affect the cost of your deck.


Decide on how you want to use your deck. From there, you’ll figure out the features that you need to add. If you want to create a relaxing outdoor space, you can install a hot tub and lounge area on your deck. Some homeowners enjoy cookouts, so they opt to add a grill and dining area on their decks. Make sure to finalize your objectives before creating a design for your deck.


How much space do you have in your yard? What features are you planning to include in your deck? These things will determine the size of your deck, which will then influence the cost of your project. If you plan on putting a hot tub or outdoor kitchen on your deck, make sure there’s enough space to accommodate these features. If you like hosting parties or dinners, a large deck would surely be convenient to have.


The prices of deck materials vary depending on their quality and quantity. If you need railings and stairs, these would also add to the cost of the materials you need to purchase.


Check with your local building department if permits are needed for your deck. Your deck builder can handle permit applications for a fee, so take note of all the costs involved in permitting.

Nuss Construction Company can deliver superior craftsmanship for your decking project. Rest assured that we only use quality materials and follow industry best practices to provide you with a durable and appealing deck. Call us at (856) 988-9982, or fill out this contact form to get started.

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