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Five Easy Ways To Control Your Blood Sugar


Glycemia, more commonly known as blood sugar, is the level of sugar (or glucose) that is present in your bloodstream at any given time. The sugar in your blood is measured in grams – there should be approximately four grams of sugar in your blood to maintain homeostasis – homeostasis is the optimal functioning of your body.

If your blood sugar level is too high or too low, problems such as hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia will arise.

Hypoglycemia occurs when your body is too low on sugar. Hyperglycemia occurs when your body has too much sugar in the blood. Glycemia is a very delicate balance that needs to be maintained by your body, and, in this blog, you will learn five easy ways to control your blood sugar.

Five Easy Ways To Control Your Blood Sugar

How To Control Blood Sugar: Exercise

The first and probably the most effective way to lower your blood sugar is to exercise regularly. Exercise is not only good for your health but it increases something called insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity is how much the body’s cells will be impacted by insulin.

Increasing your insulin sensitivity allows your body to effectively use the sugar that is already present in your blood so that there isn’t a constant need for external sugar intake. Some of the best ways to increase your insulin sensitivity through exercise are:

  • Lifting weights
  • Going for a brisk walk
  • Going on a jog or bike ride
  • Swimming

Even if you cannot get to a gym, doctors recommend taking what are called “exercise snacks.” These are brief periods of your day where you would break up sitting every 30 minutes to walk around or move your body. Being sedentary for long periods of time can lead to a decrease in insulin sensitivity making it harder for your body to process sugar correctly.

How to Control Blood Sugar: Staying Hydrated

Another very easy way to maintain control of your blood sugar levels is to stay hydrated – specifically, drinking more water.

Drinking water is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you feel thirsty, your body is approaching a state of dehydration, and the easiest way to counteract being dehydrated is by drinking plenty of water. According to drinking water regularly decreases one’s chance of developing any sort of blood sugar issues in the future because just like you can rehydrate your body you can “rehydrate” your blood, making it easier for your body to regulate blood sugar organically.

There is also new research that links water intake to decreasing metabolic irregularities that could lead to type 2 diabetes and glycemic-related diseases.

How to Control Your Blood Sugar: Getting Sleep

One of the most important pieces of advice for general health is to get plenty of sleep. Being able to allow your body to get a full night’s rest is crucial for a lot of different reasons, but one of those reasons is also because it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels in the body.

Sleep deprivation raises the hormone cortisol, which is essential in managing blood sugar. Sleep deprivation will also lead to increased appetite, weight gain, decreased cognitive function, and inability to stay awake during the day. Everyone knows that getting a night of good sleep is very important, but the reasons behind why that is are astounding.

Impacting any of these essential bodily functions can greatly increase the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, and lead to overall poor health. Below are some ways that can help you to get a good, healthy night’s sleep.

  • Don’t look at screens within a half-hour before you go to bed, as this can have a  negative impact on the way your brain gets ready to sleep
  • Create a bedtime routine and stick to it. Not having a set sleep schedule will impact something called your circadian rhythm which is the process that regulates your sleep/wake cycle
  • Don’t drink caffeine before bed because it will keep you awake, and make your sleep less functional.
  • Meditate or listen to soothing sounds. If you are having trouble falling asleep then maybe meditation or hearing something that will soothe your mind will help to relax your body and assist in falling asleep.

Sleep is important for a host of different reasons and is important in general, but it is definitely a factor in keeping healthy blood sugar levels.

How to Control Your Blood Sugar: Get More Magnesium

Controlling your blood sugar can be as easy as eating foods that are high in magnesium. There have been several studies done about how higher blood sugar levels and glycemic diseases such as diabetes are related to insufficient micronutrient intake. Magnesium is the nutrient that a lot of people lack.

“Low magnesium levels may lead to insulin resistance and decreased glucose tolerance in people with diabetes.”

Luckily there are several foods that are very rich in magnesium – tuna, whole grains, dark chocolate, and avocados just to name a few. You can also purchase USA Medical Magnesium Glycinate supplements on our website, as it is almost impossible to get enough magnesium through your diet, considering our bodies also want to absorb magnesium topically from the ocean.

How to Control Your Blood Sugar: Eat Healthy Snacks

If you are going to snack throughout the day, as most people do, then eat healthy snacks! Eating junk food will increase your risk of developing a blood sugar illness.

Limiting sugar intake (like cutting out bad snacks such as candy, twinkies, etc) will drastically improve your chances of not developing any sort of blood sugar-related illness like diabetes. There are a plethora of healthy snacks out there that have been made easily accessible. To take it one step further, you might even want to consider eating snacks that are high in probiotics. Probiotics which have been shown to improve gut health will also increase insulin sensitivity, and allow the body to maintain homeostasis without a lot of extra stress.

Easy Ways To Control Blood Sugar: Final Thoughts

Whether you already have type 2 diabetes, some type of glycemic disease, or you are just trying to be preventative, all of these tips are some of the best ways to control your blood sugar. To help keep your blood sugar levels healthy, we also offer a Blood Sugar Ultra vitamin that can help to regulate the homeostasis of your body.

Keeping good control of your blood sugar levels is not only healthy for yourself but can help to keep your future generations healthy for years to come.


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