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In the world of real estate and valuation business, the need for adequate branding and marketing cannot be overemphasized. The more marketing and branding activities you engage in as a real estate professional, the more brand equity you evidently build for your agency and thereby repositioning your agency as a sought-after brand in the real estate industry, and stand out among your competitors.

Real estate agency marketing and branding in this context can be defined as all the online and offline marketing communication strategies deployed by a real estate brand in communicating to its client, potential clients, stakeholders and of course, the general public.

The brand building exercise is a function of the company’s consistent media presence and media mentions over time. Brand building is not a one-off communication programme or media campaign. The process of building a recognizable and reliable real estate brand that your clients and potential clients can connect to is unarguably one of the most essential things you can do for your business as a real estate professional.

Globally, forward-thinking real estate agencies have since made marketing and branding as a long term strategy of competitively remaining in business and breaking more grounds in the local and global real estate landscape. In developed economies like the United Kingdom (UK) and America, realtors now adopt video marketing as a veritable tool of communicating their brands to the global business community.

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Besides building brand equity through video marketing, the brand will equally maintain a Top of the Mind awareness (TOMA) in the mind of the real estate consumers cum investors. It is a known fact that communication strategies like video marketing and posts that have good imagery gain the most online traction and impressions. In this regard, embracing new media is a must marketing strategy for brand survival.

In the deployment of the new media marketing strategies otherwise known as social media contents, the posts must be value adding to the real estate sector, be informative, and inspirational. And the number of social media platforms being utilized for this purpose is another key element, as the old saying goes, the more the merrier.

On the note of caution, for your brand and marketing communication not to go awry, the brand should stay true to its name and drive on the road of the rules and regulations that governs the profession and industry. Veering off the professional code of ethics in the name of branding will amount to de-marketing your brand and the profession by extension. Your brand story should be communicated professionally.

For far- reaching real estate marketing and branding campaigns cum repositioning of all kinds, both the traditional and new media should be fully utilized.

Titiloye, a registered estate surveyor and valuer, writes from Abuja


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