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Taking A CBD Bath: The Most Relaxed You’ve Ever Been


Opinion by Jake Crossman

I tend to have a lot of extra CBD laying around my house. Every bottle of USA Medical CBD oil that ends up with a crooked label, broken seal, or some other manufacturing mistake typically goes home with me. This lets me experiment with new and innovative CBD oil usages. Sometimes, I invent new ways for myself to relax and unwind with CBD. Just last week, I discovered the CBD bath, and let me tell you… it was life-changing.

What Is A CBD Bath?

A CBD bath is a creation of mine. In my initial design phase, the problem I had to overcome was that CBD is it’s hydrophobic and won’t mix with water. That means adding a CBD power (or CBD isolate) to a bath could never work, it would just sit on the bottom of the tub and do nothing. But if I wanted to make my CBD bath dream a reality, I knew I had to innovate.

My solution? Pour a full bottle of 500mg CBD oil into the bath to create the first-ever CBD bath. Instead of the CBD isolate powder sinking to the bottom, the CBD oil sits on top of the water. As you step in,  the CBD oil starts to encapsulate your skin and the relaxing CBD molecules immediately begin absorbing into your body’s endocannabinoid system. The smell of the warm tub with the beautifully aromatic orange flavored CBD oil is nothing short of divine.

As you relax in the CBD bath water, your entire body sinks into relaxation so deep that you’ll forget that you’ve ever had an ache.

How Often Should You Take A CBD Bath?

Because the CBD bath involves an entire bottle of 500mg CBD oil, I believe a CBD bath should be enjoyed as a luxury experience, perhaps on a once-per-month basis. So far, I’ve only taken one CBD bath, but my skin and hair have been so incredibly smooth since then that I’m contemplating taking a second this week.

At USA Medical, our 500mg CBD oil is only $29.99, which is a fraction of the cost of a professional massage. Even if I didn’t have the extra bottles of CBD oil lying around, I would happily spend thirty dollars to experience that level of relaxation again.

In stock | Expected delivery date: 06/13/2022

In stock | Expected delivery date: 06/13/2022

What Can You Expect From A CBD Bath?

The first thing that’s etched in my memory is the smell. USA Medical CBD oil is flavored with real, organic orange oil, and that orange oil in the warm bath made the room smell divine. I also happened to have an apple cinnamon candle lit at the time, making the aroma in that room reminiscent of a wintery Christmas.

When I first got in the tub, the oil felt unusual, but once it began to dissipate and sink into my skin, all my muscles relaxed and my body’s breathing slowed. It started to almost felt dreamlike, a sensation of relaxation so deep that it felt like I was floating. There were absolutely no muscle aches or pains and my entire nervous system dialed back into “relax mode” – it was quite truly the best bath I’ve ever taken.

I made sure to shower after the bath, as I needed to use some soap to get the oil off my body. My hair & skin felt, looked, and smelled amazing… and I immediately went to bed. I can’t say definitively that it was the best sleep of my life, but it made my top 25 sleeps for sure.

How To Take A CBD Bath:

Here are is simple step-by-step guide for how I recommend taking a USA Medical CBD bath:

Step 1: Purchase 500mg CBD Oil

The USA Medical 500mg CBD Oil is the only oil I’d ever use in my CBD bath, as I’m the one who specifically formulated it to be organic, broad-spectrum, and beautifully orange flavored. It’s also not made from CBD isolate, because any CBD made from isolate is not a broad spectrum CBD product.

Step 2: Draw A Warm Bath

I don’t know how much explaining this step needs, but draw yourself a warm bath and prepare for ecstasy.

Step 3: Pour A Full Bottle of 500mg CBD Oil Into the Tub

Again, self-explanatory.

Step 4: Step Into The Tub, And Melt Away

You’ve reached the end. The moment we’ve all been waiting for… the CBD bath. Now all that’s left to do is let your body absorb the CBD, relax and destress from the day, and drift away into a new kind of luxury bath.

Jake Crossman - USA Medical

Jake Crossman

Managing Director



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