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The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating an Effective Kitchen Layout

The success of achieving a beautiful and functional kitchen is founded on the simple fact that the space should have a well-crafted layout. After all, it is the foundation of effective kitchen design. In addition to ensuring a safer and easier-to-navigate space, planning its layout is also about choosing which features and other additions to include that will allow you to maximize the kitchen’s utility.

Creating an Effective Kitchen Layout

Today, we take a look at the do’s and don’ts of creating an effective kitchen layout.

Kitchen Layout Do’s

  • Consider the work triangle. When updating your kitchen, make sure you prioritize function. This should be considered early to avoid excessive costs. The kitchen work triangle should be incorporated for efficiency. This layout connects the kitchen, refrigerator and sink for a seamless workflow.

  • Think of vertical storage. Take advantage of negative wall space for your kitchen cabinets and drawers to maximize storage. Open shelves, wall hooks and overhead pot racks let you store small appliances, baking utensils and other cooking goods without crowding your kitchen.

Kitchen Layout Don’ts

  • Ignore your island’s size and position. Whether you’re updating or adding a kitchen island, consider its size and placement. It shouldn’t block the refrigerator, wall oven or dishwasher in your new kitchen arrangement. You can reconfigure the island to allow passage even while the fridge, dishwasher, or oven is open.

  • Misuse lighting. Bubble pendant lights with opal finishes are stunning. They won’t provide many purposes beyond looks if they don’t illuminate your counter space. Nobody wants to cook supper and tidy the kitchen in the dark. For optimal kitchen lighting, position the lights in front of you rather than straight above your head.

  • Assume an utterly different layout is necessary. Don’t disregard your kitchen’s arrangement. Adding a breakfast bar or removing an unwanted wall might improve your kitchen’s appearance. Always leave enough space between the fridge, sink and cooktop to create a work triangle.

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