The Kuje jail-break: Another low moment for Nigeria (2)


As regards the economy, we may as well restate the obvious here. Any social formation that is besieged by various anti-state forces, as currently being witnessed in Nigeria, is unwittingly or even consciously sending inclement signals to foreign investors; that this is the last place to invest in, as far as foreign investment is concerned.

Unfortunately, this is already happening. While other seemingly smaller countries like Rwanda, Ghana and to some extent South Africa continue to bask in the glow of increasing foreign investments, Nigeria, despite its demographic profile remains something of a back-bencher and mere marketing outlet.

In seeking a way out of this quagmire, the last words must necessarily go to members of the political class like: the Governors, National Assembly members and the President himself. Many of these prime political actors are still busy on the hustings, jostling for preferment in an election season. The immediate foregoing can be described as convenient and selective amnesia on the tattered and woeful state of the nation – security wise.

These Bourbons Kings, who have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing, do not appreciate that it is necessary in the first place, to have a country, before embarking on the mindless politicking which is their current pre-occupation. Along with the National Assembly members, the governors ought and should lend their respective voices to the issue of State Police – an institution that has the capacity to complement the existing Federal policing system, which is indeed only Federal in name, but unitary in practice. Therefore, it is most unsuitable to the country’s security needs and aspirations at this point in time.

While other seemingly smaller countries like Rwanda, Ghana and to some extent South Africa continue to bask in the glow of increasing foreign investments, Nigeria, despite its demographic profile remains something of a back-bencher and mere marketing outlet

We wish to suggest here that an institution like Amotekun, if only tentatively, is a model that is worthy of emulation. It is a model that should be studied and refurbished for replication, across the entire country.

As regards PMB himself, this much is clear. As amply demonstrated, and on a repeated basis, he has continued to drop the ball in the critical area of security. And if he does not know, we wish to inform him that he is the current target of jibes as regards his failings in this important area.

For instance, a weekly magazine over a year ago, struck a very laconic and grossly ironic tone. This was when it depicted PMB on its February 8, 2021, cover as: “The General who has been Conquered by Terrorists’”. This very valid assertion was some fifteen months ago. Today, that realistic but unflattering profile continues to ring true. Incidentally, in the self-same temporal context, PMB, all things being equal, will become a feature of the past in less than a year’s time.

But unfortunately, as far as history is concerned, the score card for PMB is well below average in the area of security. Even though, we note with dismay that, in a recent outing, PMB, attempted in an incestuous way to white-wash himself in this critical area. The least that one can say here is that he has only succeeded in marking his own script, which predictably has a rosy outcome.

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On this note, we wish to state here that, an omniscient perspective will certainly come to a different conclusion. That, even his much derided predecessor has managed to put him in the negative shadows in the area of security. And at the risk of sounding perverse, PMB is lucky. In other climes by now, he along with some of his top security personnel would have had to fall on their swords – Boris Johnson style. This is in view of their manifest failure to keep faith with even the minimal aspirations of the populace and the outside world in this important area of our national life.

But then, and if we may repeat, this is Nigeria, where as pointed out earlier, ‘’anything goes’’. So, he PMB can easily plod on, irrespective of the country’s baleful circumstances. But despite much of the latitude which attends public life and public service in Nigeria, we wish to remind PMB that history beckons as regards his disastrous performance.

Still and in the relatively short time that is available in the twilight of his presidency, PMB may want to exert himself as regards whether he can redeem his performance in this critical area of our national life, such that the jail break in Kuje and other security breaches will be effectively contained and addressed.

One option which readily suggests itself is to seek help from the external realm. It is instructive to note here that Michael Freeman, the new Israeli ambassador to Nigeria, spoke to what he called the unusual security situation in Nigeria. He therefore offered that Israel is auspiciously placed to help us, in view of his country’s antecedents in this area.

PMB may want to give some serious consideration to this offer from the envoy. This is the least that PMB owes to himself. Else, he stands to be judged, and harshly too by history. This is in view of the fact that his omissions and commissions have spawned successive and disastrous lows in our security situation and aspirations.


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