Why the Church must focus more on the redemption message – Taiwo


David Taiwo, the Convener of Eternal Gospel Believer Association Africa Zion (EGAAAZ), who started his pastoral work at the Christian Pentecostal Mission (CPM), spoke on the state of the nation and the African Zion Redemption Festival, in celebrating the essence of redemption. Excerpts by SEYI JOHN SALAU:

What is EGBAAZ all about?

The vision of Egbaaz is a vision from past to present and for future generations, which is to hold firmly, because it is a heritage to be appropriated, build, propagate and to be promoted, throughout the world, because it is the vision found from the word of God, concerning the destiny of man which is hidden. It is not a denomination but an association of believers with various Christian backgrounds; a common goal of reviving the mandate of our fathers of faith, and help others in fulfilling our God given destiny. God told me that it is debt to Egba people and Africa if they don’t set up a missionary foundation tabernacle, for their heritage to fulfill their destiny to the nation of Africa and the entire world; to take what they have received to other nations, to terminate the appointment of the gods of the land and establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.

In your own view and in relation to all you said; what would you say is the state of the Church in Nigeria?

We are in the EndTimes and there was a prophecy over 100 years ago that Nigeria will be a corrupt nation but over time revival will spring forth and that is what we are praying for. That revival will sweep through our land. God reserves Nigeria for a purpose. We are unrelenting in promoting unity within the body of Christ and raising missionaries for kingdom advanceme t. Though, my worry is that the church today has become a problem-solving centre and not a place to raise kingdom sons and daughters ready for heaven.

Why do you think the Church has taken on this responsibility, away from its primary calling?

The church is focusing on the problem of the people and that is why there are many programmes that focus on war. That is why people are moving from one mountain to another and God is against it. People go to church with the sole aim of their problems being solved and issues about salvation, holiness, steadfast walk with God, devotion to God and his words are relegated to the background. Individual churches and people might be claiming revival but the revival that will spread through the land is coming and we need to mobilise more Christians for this great awakening. Like the Bible tells us in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. Christ’s coming is imminent and the church must be awake and must not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. We are crying for the church to return to the old landmark. Mere religiosity will not take anyone to heaven.

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Why should the church focus more on the redemption message?

This is important because that is the only hope. Before Christ came to the world, religion was here on earth but religion cannot save because the law of nature from the day of Noah cannot save man talk less of divine law. When Jesus came into the world, he did not touch the people’s religion, though, they are the one who kept touting their religion because they think he wants to affect or change their religion. Therefore, it is redemption that Christ did for us and that is what has given us the victory, and Christ victory gives us deliverance. It is the redemption that gives us the liberty to live for God here on earth. Without Christ’s redemption, we will be competing with other religious groups and that can make citizens vegetable. So, many people go to church but they are not saved, sanctified, not endured with the power of the Holy Ghost and are not transforming. Christianity is a principle that changes the course of destiny and to help us to discover our identity and help us access our inheritance. Christianity produces sons and kings. Religions do not really transform man. Man is the target of the devil; our arch enemy, the devil can give you the whole world so you can remain his captive. The devil tempted Jesus and told Jesus to turn stone to bread, bow to him and he will give Christ, the whole world. The devil can give man everything and he is doing this to renegotiate their destiny. Man is the image of God and God, mindful of having children; He created everything for us.

The most talked about topic in Nigeria today is the Muslim-Muslim ticket by the APC; what is your view on this?

We will invite all the aspirants to come, we will pray for them. The bible says that it is man that proposes, and God disposes. God will choose for us. Muslim-Muslim ticket is not an issue. God can use anyone. God used Cyrus to bring Israel back to the promised land. He was a king of the gentile. Jesus said that let all righteousness be fulfilled. To satisfy the diversity in Nigeria, one would say that both religions should be represented at the helm of affairs. See it in a humanistic way. Christian-Muslim must be included but to see it beyond that, you will not worry yourself. Ours is to pray that God will choose for us. Some people are vessels of honour and some unto dishonour. Some are vessels of killings and some are vessels are deliverance and saving. God will choose the one he will use. It has to do with what God wants to do at a particular time. Let us come to God’s side. When he came back, he asked the people who were on the Lord’s side. Celebrating defeat is too much in our religious cycle, not the celebration of victory which is love, joy, and power in the Holy Ghost that God has given to the church.


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