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We talk here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on WWE Wrestlemania 37 main event. WWE Rumours and News on John Cena could miss WWE Wrestlemania 37. Latest WWE news and rumors on Christina WWE’s future after Royal Rumble appearance and more other WWE News and Rumors.

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#5 WWE News: WWE Wrestlemania 37 main event spoiler

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - WWE Wrestlemania 37 main event spoiler - Sports Info Now

Last night at Royal Rumble 2021 pay per view, we saw that Edge enters in Royal Rumble match at #1 position and he lasted in that match till the end and not event lasted last but he won the 2021 Royal Rumble match. Now he has all rights to headline WWE Wrestlemania 37.

Now the important question is who will Edge challenge for Wrestlemania 37? Will it be WWE Champion Drew McIntyre? Or Will it be WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns? Looks like we have our answer to this question.

WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2021 stated that WWE’s current plan is Edge to Challenge Roman Reigns for Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 37 main event.

Edge set to challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania

After over a year real crowd set to attend the WWE show that is at Wrestlemania 37. So if WWE put Edge against Drew McIntyre then it not makes any sense to book a face vs. face match in front of a real crowd. So it’s good to plans a face vs. heel match for Wrestlemania 37 and there is only one match possible for this scenario that is Roman Reigns vs. Edge for WWE Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 37.

There are no official words on this plan and it’s not clear right now that when WWE make this match official. But the WWE plan of Roman Reigns and Edge match at Wrestlemania is almost locked. So it’s quite an exciting Spear vs. Spear match at the event. While the other end, Bianca Belair’s plans for Wrestlemania also not decided yet. Now Roman vs. Edge match spoiler come out then we can expect that WWE announced this match sooner than later.

This is the top WWE Breaking News from WWE Rumors Roundup: Wrestlemania 37 main event spoiler, John Cena miss Wrestlemania 37, and more.

#4 WWE Rumors: John Cena could miss WWE Wrestlemania 37

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - John Cena could miss WWE Wrestlemania 37 - Sports Info Now

WWE Latest News and Rumors suggested that John Cena will not available for Wrestlemania 37. The Leader of the Cenation not present at Wrestlemania 37 due to his other commitments.

WWE latest updates 2021 stated that John Cena’s deal with Mountain Dew and current film HBO Max Series ‘Peacemaker’ will not allow him to appear at Wrestlemania 37.

John Cena reveals that he won’t be present at WWE WrestleMania 37

John Cena’s recently appeared in a Mountain Dew commercial ahead of the Super Bowl. During the interview, Cena said that he won’t appear at Wrestlemania 37. He also said that there is not the calculating way for me to appear on the Grandest Stage of them All.

In that interview, John Cena admitted that he is disappointed by his fans after not appear at Wrestlemania 37. But every now and then he was involved with the WWE. He also participates in a recent WWE video shoot. But for John Cena’s in-ring WWE return, we have to wait a bit longer. This is very disappointing news but this is what this is.

This is the top WWE Headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: Wrestlemania 37 main event spoiler, John Cena miss Wrestlemania 37, and more.

#3 WWE Updates: Christian WWE future after Royal Rumble appearance

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - Christian WWE future after Royal Rumble appearance - Sports Info Now

Last night in Royal Rumble 2021, in the men’s Royal Rumble match there are two attraction points one is Edge’s performance in the match, and the other is Edge’s former tag team partner Christian’s most waited WWE in-ring return.

After Christian makes his WWE return last night, now the question is this on-off appearance for Christina in WWE or he comes to wrestle more matches in the future. Now WWE reports said that last night in Royal Rumble is not the last match of Christina’s WWE career and we can see him wrestles in the future for at least one more match and most probably at Wrestlemania 37.

After Royal Rumble pays per view, news from backstage comes out that Christina was secretly cleared to make his in-ring WWE return a week ago when he meets with WWE’s doctors in Pittsburgh.

Recently one of the current champions teased a possible championship match with Christina. Current Intercontinental Champion, Big E tease IC Championship match with Christina on Social Media.

Current Champion teases title match against Christian

Big E posted a photo of the year 2014 when Big E becomes the first time Intercontinental Champion. In the photo, Big E can be seen offering a handshake to Christina. Between these two men, there is a history and some unfinished business from the past.

In 2014, WWE schedule a Fatal Four Way match between Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, and Sheamus, and the winner of this match will challenge Big E for his intercontinental title. Christina won that match but some serious concussions make Christian out of that match.

So now Big E reminds Christina that his title shot for IC Championship still pending and now after he clear to compete again in WWE then that offer still open. So we can expect at WWE Wrestlemania 37, Big E vs. Christina for WWE Intercontinental Championship match.

#2 WWE Spoilers: Adam Pearce backstage role at Royal Rumble 2021

WWE Spoilers - Adam Pearce backstage role at Royal Rumble 2021 - Sports Info Now

It’s been a year that we saw Adam Pearce as an on-screen authority figure on both Raw and SmackDown brands. He also had an important role on backstage at the Royal Rumble 2021 pay per view.

WWE latest updates news stated that Adam Pearce was instrumental in making Royal Rumble match together. Even the Royal Rumble match gets positive response backstage.

It’s been a long time that Adam Pearce appeared on WWE TV almost every week. From that SmackDown episode, where Vince McMahon told Adam Pearce to get the sign of Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, and Roman Reigns to make official their match at Payback 2020 show to personally involved in the feud of Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens.

WWE Reports: Adam Pearce’s important backstage role at Royal Rumble revealed

At Royal Rumble pay per view, Women’s Royal Rumble match, Universal Championship match, and Men’s Royal Rumble match all are top-notch matches. Even Universal Championship match probably strong contender to win WWE Match of the year by end of the 2021 year.

Here is Sports Info Now’s speculation about top title matches for Wrestlemania 37:

“Edge won Men’s Royal Rumble match, while Bianca Belair won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. It’s plenty of time for both winners to decide their opponents for Wrestlemania 37. For Edge, it’s almost confirmed that he could go for Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship.”

“For Bianca Belair, right now the picture is not clear because Bianca Belair works as face superstars and she is well received from fans, WWE does not want her to make a heel turn on the road to Wrestlemania. While our two champions Asuka and Sasha Banks both also work as the face, so it’s unclear Bianca Belair’s direction of Wrestlemania 37.”

#1 WWE Rumours: Cesaro’s WWE Contract expires soon

WWE Rumours - Cesaro's WWE Contract expires soon - Sports Info Now

Recently WWE news updates revealed that WWE superstars Cesaro’s WWE contract will expire right after Wrestlemania 37 in April 2021. No further details about the Cesaro WWE contract revealed yet.

Cesaro works with WWE for almost a decade when he debuts in WWE in 2011. He makes his debut in FCW in 2011 and makes his main roster debut right after one year on the SmackDown brand.

Cesaro won the RAW and SmackDown tag team championship on so many occasions. Apart from Tag Team titles his he won United States Championship for one time and this is his only singles title in WWE.

Where could Cesaro go after WWE?

If Cesaro does not sign a new contract with and leave the company then most probably he joins AEW promotion. In AEW, Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes are interested in Cesaro to join him. Chris Jericho already told that he sees Cesaro as a top AEW star.

Here are Chris Jericho’s words:

“Now we just have to get Cesaro in AEW and then we’ll really stir it up. I think Cesaro in AEW would be one of our top guys.”

But maybe WWE not let Cesaro go and we can expect that WWE offers him a good deal that Cesaro can’t refuse it.

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: Wrestlemania 37 main event spoiler, John Cena miss Wrestlemania 37, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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